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Keep Colorado Green is an environmental 501(c)(4) founded and run by Colorado’s youth. Our generation stands the most to lose if climate change continues to worsen – and so our generation must be on the front lines of this fight.

Unless we act rapidly to resolve this crisis, our children will be born to a world drastically worse than the one we inherited. We owe it to them and ourselves to do everything in our power to prevent that future.

To that end, we’re laying the groundwork in Colorado, but we need your help and support. Together we can and will Keep Colorado Green!

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We rely on donations and volunteers in order to accomplish our mission. Join us today in creating a greener, safer future.


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Letter to Governor Hickenlooper

Keep Colorado Green president and founder Matthew Barad penned a letter to Governor Hickenlooper yesterday, raising concerns about fossil fuel development coming at the cost of the health and safety of Coloradans.

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@COP23 @AarneClimate @UNFCCC Always bringing economic justification for replacing dirty energy with clean electricity. Young people need clean renewable electricity now.

Unsurprisingly, these coastal areas (such as NYC) are already starting to do what they can to mitigate the effects of climate change. We must do more at the federal level to help them.

Climate Central@ClimateCentral

These U.S. populations are the most at risk from coastal flooding by 2050

Genuinely sustainable consumption can't just come from the consumer. We need producers, governments and retailers to help us get there.

We stand with students across the nation fed up with a culture that places their lives as secondary to the profit of the gun industry #nationalwalkoutday

Grace Gaustad@GraceGaustad1

Be the change. Walk. #NationalWalkoutDay #Enough

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