Letter to Governor Hickenlooper

Keep Colorado Green president and founder Matthew Barad penned a letter to Governor Hickenlooper yesterday, raising concerns about fossil fuel development coming at the cost of the health and safety of Coloradans.

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After two decades with four distinct presidents, Republicans are the only voting block in the country that haven’t shifted significantly towards climate change https://t.co/W2qZlW22Ty

Rinaudo's technique costs little, can be done quickly at scale, and will have long-lasting impacts on degraded regions suffering from deforestation https://t.co/uf8aR6Au0V

A short, funny read on how humans use energy, how we get that energy, and how we might innovate energy production in the future https://t.co/LV5BSSg21D

These new solar designs allow panels to use each photon twice, leading to 160% efficiency! https://t.co/MVBV78boIq

Arrests are imminent at @TeamPelosi’s office, but the youth sing in protest, determined as ever for a #GreenNewDeal

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