Still reeling from the surprising results of the general election in November, then the municipal election in April? Well, wrap it up already. There’s more coming down the pike.

On Saturday, July 1, head over to Library 21c (1175 Chapel Hills Drive) for a panel discussion featuring U.S. Representative Jared Polis (candidate for Governor), professor and pastor Stephany Spaulding (possible candidate for Congress in District 5) and small business owner Liz Rosenbaum (candidate for General Assembly in House District 21).

That’s right, all Dems, but you’ll only have to wait three days for fireworks.

Liz Rosenbaum for HD21 (left) and Stephany Spaulding for CD5 (right) - COURTESY LIZ ROSENBAUM

Courtesy Liz Rosenbaum

Liz Rosenbaum for HD21 (left) and Stephany Spaulding for CD5 (right)

According to event organizer, Ryan Barry with the progressive group, Unite Colorado Springs, the format will work like this:

It will be run as a town hall, which [sic] each speaker introducing themselves and their platform, followed by a long period of audience Q&A. … Representative Polis will have to leave after an hour, however the rest of the panel will stay longer to answer questions. Come prepared to discuss healthcare, inequality, LGBTQ rights, environmental issues, or any number of other concerns. All questions will be initially presented to the Congressman, however each panelist will have a chance to respond briefly if they feel the questions are applicable.

The discussion will be moderated by Matthew Barad, founder of Keep Colorado Green, a statewide youth organization working to stop climate change. It’ll begin at 1:30 p.m. sharp, we’re told.

Barry also said via email to the Indy that Polis’s team reached out about hosting the event, then he himself reached out to the others. Spaulding’s primary opponent, Betty Fields, was invited too but can’t make it. Her Republican opponent, Rep. Doug Lamborn, incumbent in C D5, was invited but never responded. Lamborn’s Republican primary opponent, State Senator Owen Hill from District 10 was not invited. Rosenbaum’s opponent, Rep. Lois Landgraf, incumbent in HD 21, was not invited. No other gubernatorial candidates were invited.


Courtesy Liz Rosenbaum

The setting at Library 21c will feel extra familiar to Liz Rosenbaum whose business, Her Story Cafe, used to operate there, before recently relocating to 6050 N. Carefree. Perhaps competing with the downtown Poor Richard’s (owned by liberal city councilor Richard Skorman)


Courtesy Liz Rosenbaum

Her Story Cafe is the place to go to talk progressive politics over a plate of classic diner food surrounded by the iconography of female activists throughout history. (“Her Story” Cafe — get it?)

Rosenbaum, whose bid for county commission fell short last year, encourages that atmosphere of civic pride and engagement at this new location. “We’ve got candidates in here all the time to meet with constituents, and activists do meetings here too,” she tells the Indy.

CD5 candidate Betty Field listens. - COURTESY LIZ ROSENBAUM

Courtesy Liz Rosenbaum

CD5 candidate Betty Field listens.

Notably, Her Story Cafe is on the north side — not in HD 21. “There’s just not a lot of options for small businesses in the area, otherwise I’d totally be there,” she says, adding that’d be a focus of hers as state representative. “I want to help set up an environment where there’s enough community support for small businesses there.”

Anyhoo, have a happy weekend of town halls, BLTs and whatever else one does in the summertime!

Editor’s note: The original version of this article stated that Stephany Spaulding is a candidate for Congress. She is, in fact, considering a run, but has not yet declared. 


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