Keep Colorado Green president and founder Matthew Barad penned a letter to Governor Hickenlooper yesterday, raising concerns about fossil fuel development coming at the cost of the health and safety of Coloradans.

Governor Hickenlooper,

My name is Matthew Barad, and I am the founder of Keep Colorado Green. I am writing on behalf of the more than 400 students at 7 universities statewide who are involved in our organization.

As you well know, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled on March 24th that public health is  paramount, and as such, ought be valued above the development of fossil fuel resources. As a representative of the generation who will be forced to live in the world you create, I demand that you prevent this decision from being appealed.

To suggest that Coloradans deserve only a “balance” between development and general welfare is to blatantly disregard our health and well being. I need not remind you that, on April 17th, an innocent family was killed by an explosion brought on by an uncapped oil well. How many more Coloradans must suffer, or even die, before we realize that human lives are more valuable than corporate assets?

Governor, you have a choice. You can be remembered by my generation as a man who stood for the health and safety of all Coloradans, or as the coward who sold our future. That, is for you to decide.

Matthew Barad
President, Keep Colorado Green

Matthew Barad
Matthew BaradKCG President/Founder
Matthew is a freshman currently studying English and Political Science at Boston College. After three years working on public policy in Denver, he decided to start Keep Colorado Green in an effort to stop climate change in spite of national stagnation.
Scan of the letter to Governor Hickenlooper

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