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Keep Colorado Green is an environmental 501(c)(4) founded and run by Colorado’s youth. Our generation stands the most to lose if climate change continues to worsen – and so our generation must be on the front lines of this fight.

Unless we act rapidly to resolve this crisis, our children will be born to a world drastically worse than the one we inherited. We owe it to them and ourselves to do everything in our power to prevent that future.

To that end, we’re laying the groundwork in Colorado, but we need your help and support. Together we can and will Keep Colorado Green!

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We rely on donations and volunteers in order to accomplish our mission. Join us today in creating a greener, safer future.


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Exciting to see our bill getting implemented. We asked for an analysis of greenhouse gas emissions on proposed legislation because we are facing a #ClimateEmergency and we need this information before we pass a law, not a year down the road when it’s too late.#coleg #copolitics https://t.co/Up8xC8RzWS

If @Hickenlooper runs for US Senate, we want to be clear. Given his track record, we will not support his race and will campaign against him. There are many Senate candidates running in CO that are climate champions, he is not one of them. @sunrisemvmt

.@GovofCO just signed #SB236 to modernize the PUC with the tools to move Colorado to 100% #cleanenergy. “We’re ready for the future now in a way we could not be without this bill” -@HansenForCO

Incredibly proud of @KeepGreenCO and everyone who worked with us to get the future note passed! When youth organize and speak out, we win.

Ps. I'm the guy second from the left.

We started the campaign 2 years ago to add a future note into all future legislation, and it just passed both the CO House and Senate! @jaredpolis it's your turn to add your signature to environmental accountability & to protect CO for future generations. https://t.co/8rILQeEZFz

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